What is the Lycoming County United Way?
A charitable non-profit organization that builds partnerships to solve community problems and raises funds for human service programs.

What types of programs does Lycoming County United Way fund?
Human service agencies that provide families and individuals with services such as:
– child/adult day care
– counseling
– crisis intervention
– disaster/emergency services
– health & safety
– hunger/homelessness
– information and referral
– literacy skills for adults
– mental health/counseling
– military family communications aid
– prevention/education
– rehabilitation/physical therapy/speech therapy
– youth development and mentoring

Why should I give to Lycoming County United Way?
United Way prides itself on being the best and most accountable way to meet critical needs because:
– more than 60 community volunteers determine where your contribution is needed most each year
– United Way keeps fundraising costs low
– United Way funds programs, not agencies
– participating organizations are held accountable for use of funds- United Way operates on a strict system of checks and balances which include site visits, budget reviews, monthly reporting, evaluation of community needs, and more.

How does United Way measure the effectiveness of the programs that receive funding?
All participating organizations are required to submit budgets and outcome measurements each year for volunteers to analyze. These outcomes provide the volunteers with an understanding of:
– exactly how the funding is used
– the number of individuals who are served annually by the program
– a program’s goals and strategies for the year
– the changes that occur in the lives of those who are served by the program.

Who governs Lycoming County United Way?
LCUW is governed by volunteers from our own community. The 
Board of Directors is made up of a cross section of volunteers concerned about our community. The Board:
– determines policies
– raises money for local community needs
– reviews the annual operating budget
– approves allocations to local participating organizations.

How does Lycoming County United Way know what the community’s human services needs really are?
LCUW partners with Lycoming College for a regular Community Needs Assessment