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Talking Points

LCUW Talking Points (2019)

Q) What is the Lycoming County United Way (LCUW)?
A) We are a charitable, registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that mobilizes community resources to improve lives in Lycoming, Sullivan and Tioga Counties, working in partnership with community agencies which deliver 42 programs.

Q) How many people did the Lycoming County United Way positively impact last year?
A)Together, our organization has positively impacted almost 50,000 peopleon record from the tri-county area we serve. These numbers have made a greater impact upon strengthening families and communities in need.


 Q) How much did the Lycoming County United Way raise during the 2017/2018 campaign?
A) Thanks to caring people like you, our organization raised more than $3 million dollars($1,314,350) in donations to be distributed among our 42 program partners.


Q) What diverse range of services do LCUW program partners cover and improve lives with?
A) Adult literacy, child advocacy, daycare, counseling services, crisis intervention, dental outreach, disaster relief, domestic violence prevention, emergency services, hunger, homeless shelters, 211 helpline, mental health, military family communications, parenting classes, public safety, reading enrichment programs, and services for those with vision impairments.


 Q) Why should I donate to the Lycoming County United Way?

  • Funds raised stay right in the county where they are raised, helping your neighbors in need.
  • Almost 80 community volunteers determine where your investments are needed most each year.
  • We keep fundraising costs low by leveraging existing community resources.
  • We fund programs, not agencies.
  • Participating organizations are held accountable for their funds through an evaluation process.
  • We operate on a system of checks and balances which include site visits, budget reviews, regular reporting, and ongoing evaluation of community needs.

 Q) How does Lycoming County United Way know what the community’s needs really are?
A) LCUW partners Lycoming College and other community leaders for a regular Community Needs Assessment which takes place every three (3) years.This year we partnered with the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania (FCFP), Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action (STEP), Inc. and the River Valley Heath & Dental Center.  A link to the 2018 survey can be found on this website under the Annual Report tab or at

Q) What is United Way Worldwide?
A) United Way Worldwide is the leadership and support organization for the network of nearly 1,800community-based and community-led solutions that strengthen the cornerstones for a good quality of life: health, education and financial stability.

  • We are ranked as the world’s largest privately funded nonprofit organization.
  • Our mission is to mobilize the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. 
  • Website:

Q) What do I do if I need assistance?
A) Dialing 2-1-1 or texting your zipcode to 898211 will get you a trained resource and referral specialist, who will know what services are available in your area.


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