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Talking Points

Q) What is the Lycoming County United Way?

A) We are a charitable non-profit organization that builds partnerships to solve community problems and advance the common good by raising funds for thirty-four different human service programs from twenty-seven significant agencies, ranging from the American Red Cross to YMCA health programs.

Q) How many people did the Lycoming County United Way positively impact last year?

A)  Together, our organization has positively impacted 28,656 people on record from all over Lycoming County in 2015. These numbers have made a greater impact upon strengthening families and communities in need.

Q) How much did the Lycoming County United Way raise during the 2015/2016 campaign?

A) Thanks to caring people like you, our organization raised more than 1.3 million dollars ($1,383,804) in donations to be distributed among our 34 program partners designed to make a positive difference within people’s lives.

Q) What diverse range of services do your LCUW program partners cover and improve lives with?

A) Adult literacy, Autism support, Budget classes, Career development, Child advocacy, Child daycare, Children development, Counseling services, Crisis intervention, Dental outreach, Disaster relief, Domestic violence prevention, Emergency services, Food center, Homeless shelters, Information 211 helpline, Mental health, Military family communications, Parenting classes, Physical therapy, Public safety, Reading programs, Senior services, Special needs, Speech therapy, Sports programs, Substance abuse prevention, Transportation, Vision impaired support, Youth mentoring

Q) Why should I donate to the Lycoming County United Way?

A) the funds raised stay right here in Lycoming  
           County, helping our neighbors in need.
      More than 60 community volunteers determine
           where your contribution is needed most each year.
      The United Way keeps fundraising costs low.
      The United Way funds programs, not agencies.
      Participating organizations are held accountable
           during use of their funds by close evaluation.
     The United Way operates on a strict system of
          checks and balances which include site visits, 
          budget reviews, monthly reporting, evaluation of
          community needs, and more.

The LCUW focuses on five significant areas:
     – Strengthening Families
     – Children & Youth
     – Senior Support & Health Improvement
     – Crisis Resolution, Hunger & Homelessness
     – Special Needs

Q) How does Lycoming County United Way know what the community’s human services needs really are?

A) The LCUW partners up with Lycoming College for a regular Community Needs Assessment.  According to survey responses, the five biggest concerns are:
      – Affordable Housing
      – Unemployment
      – Homelessness
      – Underemployment
      – Substance Abuse

Q) What is United Way Worldwide?

The United Way Worldwide is the leadership and support organization for the network of nearly 1,800 community-based United Ways in 45 different countries.
– We are ranked as the world’s largest privately funded nonprofit organization.
– We advance the common good, creating opportunities for a better life for all, by focusing on the 3 areas of education, income and health.
– We mobilize millions to action to give, advocate and volunteer in order to improve the quality conditions in the world we all live.

Q) What do I do if I need financial assistance?

Dialing 2-1-1 will get you a trained resource and referral specialist, who will know what services are available in your area.


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