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Local agency changes “disabilities” to “hopeabilities”

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There is a local agency that lives up to its name each and every day. Hope Enterprises, Inc., not only provides a multitude of services to people with intellectual disABILITIES, but it also provides hope to those individuals and proves that we all have the ability to lead productive lives.

35-year-old Missy was born with Down syndrome. For the past 15 years, she’s been attending the many programs offered at Hope. There, she not only has a positive learning experience, but she has fun doing so among her peers.

“Missy is fun-loving, she likes to do things with the other individuals and she’s just a happy-go-lucky person most of the time,” said Julie Stewart, a trainer in Missy’s group. “She’s got a lot of friends. I love working with the individuals. I could be having the worst day of my life, and I come in here and they make me smile.”

Missy spends her days in the gardening and outdoor group, under the supervision of Julie and Macey McBryan. One of her favorite things to do with the group is to put puzzles together, but perhaps the most fun she’s had recently involved making popsicle and watermelon crafts.

“We cut up watermelons out of, like, green, and you put dots on them for seeds,” Missy said. “We take the seeds out when we eat (real watermelons).”

According to Julie, the group has an outdoor garden at the facility and also participates with a community garden, traveling there three days a week to plant and water their crops.

Hope provides multiple services to people with intellectual disABILITIES from infancy through adulthood. United Way funds support the agency’s transportation program, which is critical to linking clients to appropriate services. Vehicles transport clients to and from group homes, the rehabilitation workshop, and other day programming on a daily basis.

Missy utilizes these transportation services every day and said she enjoys riding the vans to and from the facility.

Thanks to Hope Enterprises, she and her friends thrive on the interaction and activities offered specifically for those with disabilities. By providing a place for both one-on-one and group interaction, the agency is changing “disabilities” to “hopeabilities.”

“For Hope Enterprises, ‘hopeability’ is much more than a catchy slogan,” said Scott N. Lowery, Lycoming County United Way executive director. “The lives of clients like Missy are enriched everyday via the rehabilitation and vocational programs Hope provides. Funding from our United Way enables individuals the access to transportation services, getting them from home to Hope on a daily basis. This transportation provides a level of independence and accessibility that otherwise would not be provided.”

Lycoming County United Way is proud to provide $45,544 to the transportation program at Hope Enterprises, Inc. But we cannot do it without you. Help us continue support by making a contribution today. Call Lycoming County United Way at 323-9448 or visit


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