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Lycoming County United Way Policy on Susquehanna Council Boys Scouts of America

Relative to recent news reports regarding funding relationships between the Boy Scouts and United Way organizations across the region, the accompanying Lycoming County United Way policy pertaining to the Susquehanna Council Boys Scouts of America was established in August 2012. As is noted, Lycoming County United Way had been a longtime supporter of the Boy Scouts in the local area. The decision to discontinue funding in 2012 was reached based upon the Boy Scouts’ request for a $45,000 allocation to hire an additional Boy Scout District Director. As LCUW funds programs, not general agency requests, funding was denied.

Policy Statement

Susquehanna Council Boy Scouts of America

August 2012

The Susquehanna Council Boy Scouts of America has been a funded Program Partner of the Lycoming County United Way for many years. For the past three years LCUW has provided the Boy Scouts funding, which they used in collaboration with the Campbell Street Community Center (The Center) to provide a Learning for Life program. The program included a youth education program with the Learning for Life curriculum and a week-long outdoor experience at Camp Karoondinha for the participating Center youth during the summer months.


In February 2012, the Boy Scouts expressed a desire to discontinue this program. A meeting was held with LCUW representatives, at which time the Boy Scouts expressed their interest in continuing a similar program with other Lycoming County youth programs. It was recommended by LCUW that the Boy Scouts identify a new program that included collaboration with a new partner(s) so as to continue involvement of introducing the ideals of scouting to underprivileged children.

At the April 2012 Allocation Review meetings the Boy Scouts requested $45,000 for the purpose of hiring a third Boy Scout District Director for the Susquehanna Council. As the LCUW policy is to fund specific programs rather than agencies, the decision was made not to fund this request. LCUW representatives met with Scout officials in May to explain this funding decision. As a result, the Susquehanna Council Boy Scouts of America received its donor designated money in the amount of $11,397.91, but will not be a funded Program Partner of Lycoming County United Way during the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Susquehanna Council Boy Scouts of America may choose to apply for funding in the future through LCUW’s Impact Initiative grant process and may, if so desired, present future programs to LCUW for funding consideration.


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