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$1.6 million expected by LCUW

The Lycoming County United Way has announced that thanks to thousands of loyal and generous donors, it expects the 2013 fall campaign will raise more than $1.6 million when all campaign proceeds have been finalized.

“Several workplace campaigns and a number of corporate contributions are still in the process of completing their campaigns but based upon their past support we expect this year’s campaign to achieve $1,612,125 once those contributions are received, said Virgil Probasco 2012 LCUW campaign chair. “There are so many volunteers who have worked very hard to attain this remarkable achievement. While it is impossible to personally thank every one of them, they certainly have my since gratitude for what they have helped us achieve.”

“The heightened awareness and compassion of our donors, both individual and corporate, for the county-wide critical missions of United Way’s program partners drove the success of this campaign,
making it the highest amount raised in the organization’s 90-year history,” said Probasco. “The people of Lycoming County understand the growing needs of the human service programs and trust United Way to be a good steward of their investments. We are very pleased with these results and we want to thank each and every donor who participated in the campaign.”

This year, United Way provided funding for 44 programs at 28 agencies in Lycoming County that meet the community’s most critical needs nurturing children, caring for people in crisis, strengthening families, supporting seniors, and serving those with special needs. LCUW officials point out that 97% of funds raised stay in Lycoming County.

“This opportunity to serve as campaign chair has been a humbling, yet rewarding experience. We are indebted to the hundreds of volunteers who gave of their time and talents to assist us; and to the thousands who contributed to the campaign. Their efforts and support will truly make a positive difference in the lives of their neighbors throughout the county,” added Probasco.

“With each year’s campaign, new stories reflecting the generosity and caring spirit of Lycoming County residents are exhibited. This year, in the face of some difficult times, that heart-warming compassion reached new levels,” said LCUW executive director Scott N. Lowery. “This campaign’s achievement exceeded the amount raised in any previous campaign. That is a remarkable effort that would not have been possible without Virgil’s leadership and the tremendous effort of our volunteer network.”

While the amount raised is the largest amount in the organization’s history, LCUW officials point out it is likely still not enough to meet the needs of the programs partner’s requests.

“Last year we looked at the amount we had to allocate to our partners and the amount they had requested. The amount we needed to be able to fulfill their requests was $1,723,311 and while we are pleased to have had a campaign increase of about 6% over last year, we will likely still not have enough to meet every program’s request,” explained Lowery. “All programs that receive LCUW funding must demonstrate measureable results. Our volunteers are very thoughtful in how the dollars are allocated. They meet with every program partner to learn about the programs and ensure that the money is invested addressing the most pressing community needs through proven programs. It is never a simple process and we appreciate the volunteers’ efforts in making difficult decisions this spring.”

“Plus, our United Way mission extends beyond the needs of our program partners. Recent community needs assessment surveys have identified areas of concern that we are addressing though our Impact Funding Initiative,” added Lowery.

“When Virgil Probasco announced to our board that Lycoming County United Way raised $1,612,125, there was a sense of both great accomplishment as well as immense
relief. That’s because our campaign raised a record amount to help our neighbors,” stated Mary Wolf, LCUW board president. “This positive campaign outcome speaks volumes about the character of Lycoming County residents. This is the mission of the United Way; neighbor helping neighbor and in doing so raising the quality of life for everyone.”

 “I don’t have the appropriate words to thank Virgil Probasco for the tenacity and spirit with which he led the campaign volunteers to this year’s success. He and his team of volunteers did an amazing job,” concluded Wolf. “Our board is fortunate to have these dedicated folks. So now for the second year in a row we have exceeded our all time campaign achievements thanks to these volunteers as well as the many, many donors. This is a trend we want to keep going.” 

To make a contribution, for more information, or to volunteer for funds distribution, contact Lycoming County United Way, One West Third Street, Suite 208; Williamsport, PA 17701,  call
323-9448, visit or look for the organization on Facebook .


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