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Annual campaign underway

Only two weeks into the 2012 Lycoming County United Way (LCUW) annual campaign, officials are pleased with the first progress report: since the September 13th kick-off, $149,870 has been raised.

“The very beginning of the campaign has shown positive developments,” said Virgil Probasco, LCUW volunteer campaign chair. “We are pleased that our first report shows an encouraging response from the community.”

“For the past few months, our network of volunteers put a great deal of effort into laying the ground work for a successful campaign,” explained Probasco. “The campaign is led by a team of 16 volunteers who make up the ‘campaign cabinet’. At our cabinet meeting today, it was evident each division leader is sincerely committed to meeting our community’s human service needs. It is a very diligent, passionate group of people.”

Ron Frick, volunteer chair of leadership giving for LCUW and vice-president of M & T Bank, is among the enthusiastic group and has been for many years. Frick says he is excited to see community leaders increasing their support of United Way. “We’ve been working hard to let people know that United Way-funded programs change lives right here in Lycoming County. We’ve seen the campaign grow because we have more leadership givers than ever before. As community needs continue to increase, we deeply appreciate our neighbors stepping up to help one another.”

“Many of the employee workplace campaigns are just getting started and that is traditionally where the bulk of the donations occur so we are looking forward to increased growth as the campaign
continues,” explained Dennis Correll, volunteer chair of the employee division and associate dean for admissions and financial aid at Pennsylvania College of Technology. “We have donors
who give through their workplaces and have $1 per week or $5 per paycheck or whatever amount suits their budget withheld from their paychecks. Many of our donors are very loyal and increase their gifts a little each year. When we all pitch in, every dollar helps and is put to good use.”

United Way supporters clearly understand the importance of the campaign’s success to the overall well-being of the quality of life county-wide, according to the cabinet volunteers.

“We appreciate the loyalty and support residents and businesses have given United Way over the years. It is a tribute to the compassion and kindness of the people of Lycoming County and
their willingness to help others facing difficult times. If you have already sent your contribution, we thank you. If you haven’t sent it yet, now is the time. Every donation is greatly appreciated,” concluded Probasco.

Proceeds from the United Way campaign help support 38 vital human service programs county wide. Last year these services were used more than 46,000 times by county residents – that’s
about one in every three people in the county.

This year’s campaign runs through November 30. To make a contribution or for more information, visit or contact Lycoming County United Way, One West Third Street, Suite 208, Williamsport, PA 17701, or call 570-323-9448. LCUW is also on Facebook.


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