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LCUW Flood Response Fund

In correlation with our mission to mobilize resources to improve lives, LCUW has established a Flood Response Fund to direct donor contributions to assist in the flood recovery efforts.

 1. Donations received intended for flood recovery will be placed in the about named fund. Working in conjunction with LCUW Program Partners engaged in flood relief, donations will be provided for specific purposes as requested by the Program Partners. Where requested, LCUW will provide donors with an accounting as to how their donation was applied.

2. Cash or check donations received accompanied by a 2011 LCUW pledge card will be a) credited to the 2011 campaign proceeds and b) dispersed in the manner described above.

3. Payroll deduction donor choice pledges received accompanied by a 2011 LCUW pledge card and earmarked for flood relief cannot be included in the Flood Response Fund. They will be processed as donor choice pledges to be included in the 2012 allocation process.

Please contact the United Way office at 570.323.9448 with any questions.


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