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Campaign shows encouraging signs

Following the most productive two weeks of its fall campaign, Lycoming County United Way (LCUW) officials have reported $587,498 has been raised.

“We have been especially pleased with the employee workplace results we have been seeing lately,” said Dr. Jim Campbell, LCUW volunteer 2010 campaign chair. “Typically about 60% of our gifts come through workplace giving and as local companies complete their in-house campaigns, many are reporting increased giving over last year. More employees are participating and many are giving at higher levels than last year. We are happy to see our friends and neighbors here in Lycoming County give so generously to the community through United Way. Their gifts are testaments not only of their generosity and thoughtfulness to our neighbors but also to the credibility of United Way – we’ve worked hard to earn their trust as a good steward of their gifts. They know LCUW will invest in programs that are meeting the most pressing community needs and have measureable outcomes. 97% of all funds raised stay here in Lycoming County.”

“Some of the businesses with completed employee campaigns turned in are: Lonza, up 75%; Highmark, up 34%; Frito-Lay, up 23%; Target, up 16%; Kellogg Company, up 11%; and The Tech Group-Williamsport, up10%. What a pleasure it is to be able to say ‘up’ that many times!” Campbell said with a smile. “We are also pleased to see increased giving among some of the school district employees. Montoursville increased 31% and South Williamsport increased 25%. In addition, several of our program partners have turned in positive results such as North Central Sight Services, up 32%. Our partners understand the importance of working together to accomplish more.”

“We are looking forward to additional positive results as more in-house campaigns are completed and results are provided to our office,” said LCUW executive director Scott N. Lowery. “There are many other employee campaigns still in progress the next few weeks and with indicators like these, we are optimistic.”

“While much of the campaign comes in through employee giving, the remainder comes from people and business owners who give directly and we are continuing to ask for their consideration to do what they can to contribute. We welcome gifts of any amount from retirees, professionals, students, independent contractors, and interested donors. Just because you don’t have a workplace campaign or payroll deduction doesn’t mean you can’t participate in campaign,” explained Lowery.

Nearly 1,000 volunteers comprise the county’s largest volunteer team assisting LCUW to reach out to potential donors. The volunteer’s efforts are heightened during the last month of the campaign when the majority of the contributions are generated. While contributions are welcomed throughout the year, individuals who have not yet contributed are encouraged, wherever possible, to make their donation by the end of November. At the conclusion of the active campaign volunteers will begin the process to allocate the funds to the 44 human service programs funded by the United Way.

To make a contribution or for more information, contact Lycoming County United Way, 1225 Clayton Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701, call 570-323-9448, or visit


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